About Us

Ideal Discount Club is a New Jersey-based online wholesale store where you would find a wide range of products at a discounted price. Ideal Discount Club is a student enterprise that is formed and operated by the student of Ideal Institute of Technology.

Ideal is a self-sustaining ecosystem that comprises of a lot of Student Centric and Student Operated initiatives that tries to open many opportunities for the youth to explore. Here the students will acquire hands-on experience by practical work exposure under expert guidance and trainers, as they participate in the activities of our student-led enterprises. Exposure and access for our students is providing them with a wide range of opportunities that will help them to both understand themselves better, as well as their purpose and the contribution they wish to make to their careers.

Our Students who were learning our Entrepreneurship program thought of starting an online wholesale store, the store from where every single individual can purchase their product, and with the help of our Webever Technology team they created this website. Both our team joined hands to create a better experience for the entrepreneurs.


At Ideal Discount Club we have a wide range of best quality products. The products available in our store are also sourced from India and China with a clean motive of reselling those products at a better price.